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Books, websites, articles from reputed magazines and newspapers are great sources of information.  Here are some that have given me useful and invaluable information about allergy and nutrition.

Andrew Weil         “Eating Well For Optimum Health”

                          “Natural Health, Natural Medicine”

Marion Nestle       “What to Eat”

Jonathan Brostoff, Linda Gamlin    “ The Complete Guide to Food

                                                   Allergy and Intolerance”

Paul Saltman, Joel Gurin, Ira Mothner    “The University of California

                                                         San Diego, Nutrition Book

Danna Korn         “ Living Gluten Free For Dummies”

William E. Walsh  “ Food Allergies,  Complete Guide”

Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz      “You on a Diet”


Complete Idiot’s Guide   Total Nutrition

American Dietetics Association   Complete Food and Nutrition Guide


Articles by well known nutritionists from different parts of the world also help to increase knowledge and understanding.

Websites are too many to enumerate.  There are several Allergy related websites, and guidelines put out by USDA, NIH, and ADA which have good and reliable information.

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