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“Can’t Believe Its Allergy Free!”  is the result of years of research and experimentation to create tasty, healthy, allergy free food, in which every single recipe excludes at least seven of the eight known allergenic foods The day my little grandson said to me that he could never have a birthday party (no cake, no pizzas, no party) I vowed to produce all of that and much more for him. I soon realized that there are many others similarly afflicted. With over 12 million allergy diagnosed people in the US alone, my blog fulfills a crucial need..

My aim is to offer solutions to the busy mom/caregiver of the child with multiple food allergies. The many gluten free cookbooks in the market exclude only gluten, and most allergy related recipes exclude no more than two to three allergenic foods at a time. All my recipes are exclusive of wheat and gluten, soy, eggs, fish and shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and in most cases, dairy. Wherever I have used dairy, I suggest alternatives. The focus is on what children can eat, and on ways of providing variety, nutrition and taste, within limited parameters.

I also use easy to find, safe, hypoallergenic ingredients, and stay away from all controversial foods such as chickpeas, spelt, mushrooms, corn, as well as sesame, which has recently been added to the list of allergenic foods by the Ministry of Health, Govt. of Canada.

I have spent years researching food and allergy facts, in order to provide nutritional balance despite food restrictions. I have compiled invaluable data from the works of eminent nutritionists and doctors, and from publications and websites of established organizations as it is absolutely necessary to arm yourself with allergy information in order to deal with it. It is useful to know, for example, that certain fruits can cause allergy like reactions because they contain histamines, while certain vegetables may contain significant levels of MSG and are best eaten cooked, not raw. It helps to know that a serving of baked spinach and cheese makes more nutritional sense than a bowlful of raw spinach leaves with crumbled cheese. It is essential to know what food labels are all about—what for instance, is carrageenan, maltodextrin, or locust bean gum? How many moms actually have the time to find out, or to experiment? As a grandmother, I am in a unique position to do both. My blog is the result of my own journey towards understanding both food and allergy, which I wish to share with others. Along with recipes, I will put up allergy relevant information which is essential for anyone coping with allergies.

My recipes are kid tested and are family friendly. It makes practical sense to prepare most meals in common with all the family, as common meals serve to erase the sense of exclusion and deprivation which a child with allergies can so easily develop.. Moreover, all recipes are made healthy by limiting salt, sugar and fat and by including plenty of fruits and vegetables, so that those interested in healthy, wholesome eating will appreciate my approach to cooking.

All the work that goes into “Can’t Believe Its Allergy Free!”, is a grandmother’s labor of love.

Tell me your stories as I have told you mine, let us share our ideas and achievements, learn from one another as we carry on with our journey towards understanding and dealing with food allergy

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My heartfelt thanks to:

Mr. Arvind Kelkar without whose help and encouragement this blog would never have taken shape

My grand daughter, Sujal, for her fantastic artwork on the home page,

My grandson, Ishaan who is my greatest inspiration


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